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Aaron Wormus

Chief Technical Officer

Aaron WormusAaron Wormus for the past decade has played an integral role in the development of the HedgeCo.Net, HedgeCo Websites and the innovative new HedgeCoVest platform. As the Director of Technical operations for HedgeCo Websites, Mr. Womus designed the revolutionary Software as a Service (SAAS) platform to develop and deploy compliant, secure, and compelling web portals for over 500 hedge fund clients.

As the Chief Architect of the Hedge Fund Calculator, Wormus manages the data for 7500+ funds, on HedgeCo.Net and other 3rd-party services which use this powerful analytic and marketing tool.

In 2012, Mr. Wormus was named Chief Technical Officer, and his team began their next project, developing the HedgeCoVest platform. HCV set to launch in 2014, will be an innovative liquid alternative platform allowing investors to allocate to hedge fund strategies in their own brokerage account.

Prior to working with HedgeCo Networks, Mr. Wormus worked as an independent consultant implementing back-end systems for clients ranging from telecommunications companies and mining firms to large Silicon Valley software distributors.

Mr. Wormus studied Information Technology and Journalism in Finland. His written work has been published in various technology magazines, translated into 5 European languages, as well as published in a book. Wormus regularly speaks at PHP development conferences, and is involved in the organization of his local technology user group.