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About Us:

What began in 2002 with a vision and strategic plan to encourage transparency and communication between hedge fund managers and investors has evolved to become HedgeCo Networks, one of the preeminent service providers for the hedge fund industry.

HedgeCo Networks has built a broad suite of services for the alternative investment industry addressing institutional brokerage services, fund administration, fund raising, customized solutions, and our new state of the art liquid alternative platform HedgeCoVest, designed to revolutionize the way investors allocate to hedge funds managers.

Our network includes: HedgeCo, HedgeCo.Net, G&S Fund Services, HedgeCo Securities, HedgeCo Investment Management, Start a Hedge Fund Today, Hedge Fund Calculator, The Primeline, and the new HedgeCoVest.

As an industry pioneer, HedgeCo Networks stands on four key pillars: unmatched customer service, industry dominating technical innovation, flexibility, and transparency. In 2002, with the goal of increasing transparency in the hedge fund industry, our team of leading hedge fund professionals launched HedgeCo.Net, the hedge fund industry’s most trafficked database with information on over 7,000 hedge funds utilized by over 30,000 members.

Today, building on that pedigree, HedgeCo Networks is poised for growth with the introduction of HedgeCoVest, our state of the art liquid alternative investments platform.  HedgeCoVest utilizes cutting-edge trade replication technology, allowing us to recreate the hedge fund’s portfolio directly in the client’s brokerage account.

HedgeCo Networks’ unique position in the industry provides our team with the ability to create an advantageous ecosystem for hedge fund managers and investors alike.  We will continue our goal of increasing transparency and creating access to the hedge fund industry through technological and financial innovations that look to service both managers and investors.