HedgeCo Networks




Over the past six-years, HedgeCo.Net has rapidly grown and evolved to become one of the hedge fund industry’s most-trafficked websites. With over 30,000 members, and a database containing detailed information on over 7,000 hedge funds, HedgeCo.Net is one of the industry’s largest online communities and a central repository for detailed information exclusively focused on hedge funds.

Funds that report to HedgeCo.Net are required to provide HedgeCo with their DDQ, Offering Documents and fill out the HedgeCo fund questionnaire. Hedge funds are required to report within 45 days of the close of each month to retain their listing on HedgeCo. Net.  To ensure that only accredited Investors have access to the database, our team personally screens each investor who applies for access.

This confluence of fully vetted accredited investor user base and a high quality hedge fund database ensure that both the investors and fund managers are able to fully benefit from the time they spend on HedgeCo.Net.

HedgeCo.Net has invested heavily in the technology, which powers the HedgeCo. Net database. Our state of the art analytic engine calculates over 150 returns and quantitative statistics. Our advanced search functionality ensures that the high quality data is accessible to investors looking for a fund that matches their specific profile. To further utilize the data, HedgeCo developed ten strategy indexes and a hedge fund aggregate index, published on the third Thursday of each month.

To engage with non-accredited investors, HedgeCo developed a hedge fund news section, which is free and available to the public. Over the years, the HedgeCo news has published over 10,000 original stories. Today, we produce a daily newsletter, which has become a very popular publication.

We encourage you to visit the platform at http://www.hedgeco.net.