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HedgeCo Securities, LLC

HedgeCo Securities, LLC

HedgeCo Securities is strategically positioned to connect fund managers and investors and to facilitate the investment process. When identifying and evaluating investment opportunities, HedgeCo Securities can source hedge fund managers and other alternative investments that fit your criteria, such as return objectives and risk tolerances, while assisting in the due diligence and information gathering process. Our combination of experience, client focus, industry partnerships, and deep resources allows us to deliver the tools to help investors navigate the hedge fund industry.

Whether you are in the growth phase of your fund’s life cycle or are already established and looking to diversify your investor base, HedgeCo Securities can provide investor introduction services to supplement or replace your in-house marketing efforts. We also work with a number of executing and prime brokers and can refer your firm to those brokers in an effort to streamline your trading operations while creating a cost-effective brokerage solution.

·      FINRA-member, SEC-registered broker/dealer that provides investment managers with referrals to broker/dealers for custodial or execution relationships, as well as investor referrals.
·      Evan Rapoport serves as Chief Executive Officer
·      Visit the platform at www.hedgecosecurities.com